We are the leading retained search and recruitment specialists for private markets professionals. We work across investment strategies, in-house functions and geographies. Whether you are building your team or seeking a vital strategic hire, we go to extraordinary lengths to identify and attract exceptional professionals for private equity, venture capital, private credit, secondaries and real assets. Every day we bring people together who will shape the future of this dynamic, international industry.

Who we are

We are a people business, sharing knowledge and know-how across private capital.

We live and breathe private markets every day, talking to people, gathering information and contributing to industry conversations. We understand what makes each firm different, so we can represent the distinctive features of your fund in the competition for great people.

We know what it takes to identify and attract the right person. That’s because our experience has shown us what works. We are always honest, determined to succeed and creative in our approach. We never give up and you can rely on us for inspired ideas and a diligent approach that will secure the right person for your team.
What we do
We have a sense of purpose behind everything that we do. Every search gives us privileged access to fascinating and talented people. Working with them to help build their teams or their careers is highly motivating.

Our special vantage point across the market means we are often the first to see trends which we share with our network. We never give up and relish the challenge of working harder, digging deeper and thinking more creatively: ultimately giving us the satisfaction of a job well done.
How we do it
In the era of job boards and LinkedIn, our clients could start the hiring process themselves. Yet they come to us because we offer so much more. 

We combine knowledge with commitment and dedication to bring energy and enthusiasm to every search. We know where to look for the best people and how to get their attention, resulting in rapid and comprehensive shortlists.

Our principles

Our heart

We listen, we learn and we care. We put people at the heart of everything we do and want the right person in the right role, for the long-term. It is no coincidence that the majority of our clients are themselves former candidates who have known us from both sides of the recruitment process.

Our integrity

We have access to exceptional people at defining points in their careers. We are discreet, act in confidence and always have their best interests at heart. We have strict confidentiality protocols and are respectful of the privileged access we have to personal information.

Adding value

We use our expertise to influence recruitment, retention and compensation strategies. It is our ethos to share generously and add value in every interaction we have.

Achieving diversity

Our team are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within private markets by ensuring that the shortlists we provide allow you to find and attract top talent, build a diverse workforce and mitigate unconscious bias.

We are trusted

People trust us with their hiring needs and with their careers. They come back to us time and time again because they trust what we say and have confidence in our ability to deliver.

Leading edge technologies

We invest in new technologies, like our candidate portal, MyPER, to make the hiring process transparent and our GDPR consent module that ensures we always have permission to discuss people with our clients.

Our commitment to DE&I

We are a people business. We like people. We want to see everyone achieve their potential. We believe that private markets can be for everyone. By trying new approaches, sharing our experiences and opening up the conversation we make a difference.

Leading the conversation

We lead the conversation with our initiatives.  We partnered with Real Deals to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders to the forefront.  We sponsor diversity and minorities initiatives and create forums to enhance access to the industry for less well-represented groups.   We have worked with Level 20 since its inception, and delivered our own initiatives to improve female representation in private markets.  

Trying new approaches

We reach out to under-represented groups providing forums to educate and promote opportunities in private markets and coach and tutor to enhance the chances of success in the recruitment process.  

Reaching out 

Over the last two years, we have welcomed more than 200 women to events in London, Munich and  Frankfurt. Over coffees, cocktails and Zoom, we’ve provided opportunities for women at all levels to share strategies for career advancement and expand their professional networks.  We've shared knowledge on recruitment processes and given them confidence in their own ability to add value and succeed. 
Our social responsibility
We know how fortunate we are and through volunteering, charitable donations and fundraising activities, everyone at PER has the opportunity to give something back.

Our partnership with Ripple Africa

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, for every person that PER places in 2022 we will support Ripple Africa in planting 5 fruit trees. 

So far in 2022 we have planted 2,500 trees.

National Three Peaks Challenge Fundraising for Ukraine

As a business, PER are fundraising to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. As part of this effort, a team of nine represented PER by taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge in September 2022, climbing the three highest peaks in the UK in under 24 hours. We aim to raise a total of £10,000 to donate to International Medical Corps. 

In the community with Bonus Pastor

For the third year running, PER has supported Bonus Pastor Catholic College in Lewisham, providing financial support and career mentoring to students from low-income backgrounds. Our donations to its hardship fund have made a huge difference to the lives of children and families dealing with hardships no one should have to face.

Supporting the discovery of new talent

PER is a founding sponsor of the Women’s Prize for Playwriting, founded by our former employee Ellie Keel in 2019. It provides a fantastic opportunity for budding female writers to gain both exposure and experience in the playwriting world.