Online skills tests that assess your numerical ability are often the gateway to an interview and should not be taken lightly.  They are deal breakers and they are increasingly common in the private equity recruitment process.
Like many things in life, a little bit of forethought can significantly affect the outcome, so think ahead to give yourself the best chance.

Too many people squeeze these tests into their busy schedules, completing them when they are tired, stressed and ill-prepared.  We strongly recommend taking these tests seriously, and we’ve put together five steps to help you sail through this stage and into the next round.

  • Clarify the level of importance the tests have in the hiring process
  • Understand the number of questions, the scoring system and what the bar is for getting through
  • Don’t assume all questions take an equal amount of time to complete, the questions usually become harder towards the end
  • Take a practice test before you attempt the real one, you will be better prepared if you know what to expect
  • When you just can’t get your calculation to match the other multiple choice answers, look out for the ‘none of these’ option, it’s an easy one to miss