The case study is the most important part of the private equity recruitment process because you will see what it’s like to do the job and the people on the other side of the table get to see what it’s like working with you. 

You’ll be given a company’s financial statements, operational data and market and industry information either a week or an hour before the presentation.
Using these materials, you’ll be expected to tell the interviewers whether or not they should invest in the company. The questions are nearly always the same:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this as an investment opportunity?
  • Would you make this investment?
  • What would you pay?
  • What further information do you need to help make your decision?

The most important thing about your response to any of these is it has to be your own opinion and you have to be able to justify it.

The way you talk about the case study is the crucial element. To find out more about how to talk and think like a buyer, watch our video.