The purpose of a CV is to get you invited to interview. You need to get across the basics: education, career history and visa status, this is not your autobiography.

Keep the prospective employer in mind; include information they will be interested in and ensure that your CV describes your relevant experience.

Ideally, your CV will be one page long, and certainly no more than two. Don’t think you can hide a high word count with a small font; use 11pt throughout. 90 percent of our applicants have CVs of less than 1,000 words.

There are two major benefits to a short CV.  Firstly, if done well, the fund will conclude that you will be able to present your thoughts succinctly at investment committee.  Secondly, working out what is important and relevant will help you to articulate your thinking verbally when in an interview.

The first step to getting a job in private equity is making sure you are selected for interview, that selection is made on the basis of your CV.

Here are some top tips for making sure you get through to the short list

What to focus on


Get to the point


The final checks