PER has rallied a talented squad of thirteen to take part in the Allstars 2023 charity tournament organised by GP Bullhound

Date : Tuesday 6th June
Venue : Crystal Palace, Selhurst Park Stadium, London

Charlie "The Gaffer" Hunt

Charlie is the expert manager of our esteemed PER squad. His Harriers training alongside his experience directing a team in the workplace, and three children in the homestead, will all be invaluable in leading our team to victory!

Ben "The Butcher" Menai

Harry "Always Wynnes" Gwynne

Euan "The Terrier" Lindsay

Sofie "Shot-Stopper" Lloyd

Lewis "Lofty" Pearson

Alex "Twinkle Toes" Horkan

Oliver "No Prisoners" Noye

Ashalan "Always Sunny" Pillay

Thomas Howe "Does He Do It"

James "The Oakwell Omen" Ellis

Lydia "The Lioness" Evans

Anders "Magic Mike" Davis

Vicky "Sticky Feet" McFarlane