Our Lead Consultant, James Ellis, heads a team dedicated to the needs of primary funds, secondary funds and co-investors. Our retained search and recruitment experts support LPs of all types in building their investment platforms across the world. Delivering the best people requires a thorough understanding of the strategies in order to promote and differentiate the roles and the firms effectively.

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James Ellis
Head of Primaries, Secondaries & Co-Invest
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Building your leadership pipeline

Whether adding to an existing team or bringing in a senior hire to develop a new strategy, hiring for primary, secondary and co-investors requires deep product understanding of the nuances and objectives of the role.

Culture and compensation vary across the wide range of organisations that deliver these strategies such as sovereign wealth funds, family offices, multi-asset managers, pension funds and foundations. 

Our knowledgeable team ensures clients and candidates can make the right choice for their needs.

Mid level hiring requires knowledge of the landscape and where change may result in a new source of people as well as a great cultural understanding of the client to promote the organisation as well as the role.

Our team maintains market maps of the UK and European primary, secondary and co-invest landscape to help pinpoint likely people for mid-level roles.

We are successful at bringing talented junior people into the primary, secondary and co-invest space as a result of our deep understanding of the roles and opportunities and ability to distinguish those people who are likely to be committed to building a career in the space. 

We hold workshops, produce articles and maintain resources which inform and educate the market on the opportunities in this space.


Client Story

A small team requiring an experienced but still growing Fund and Co-Investor for their London office

We utilised our European LP network to find an experienced investment professional from outside of London to fill the role.

Working with a blue chip name in the secondaries space to help them scale the team

Provided diverse shortlists containing candidates from a range of backgrounds and helped the client secure great talent in an incredibly competitive market.

We were tasked with finding a seasoned investment professional to head up a new strategy within an Impact investor

This had a unique set of requirements and required us to look deep into our networks. It also required a thorough understanding of the asset class in question and the ability to appropriately present the strategy to potential candidates.

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