Our new Life Science team is led by Annelie Murray. Life science investment plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and breakthrough discoveries in the field of healthcare.

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Annelie Murray
Consultant, Life Sciences and Healthcare
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Our Expertise

Life science investment recruitment and retained executive search

Our consultant Annelie Murray understands the importance of bringing together scientific and financial talent to life science investment. Her own scientific background with an MSc in Clinical Drug Development gives her an affinity with the sector and practical insight into matching top tier professionals with the specialised needs of life science venture capital, whether investing in biotechnology, medical diagnostics or other health care technologies.

Building your leadership pipeline

The search for a partner or team leader requires diligent mapping and targeted outreach in this increasingly complex asset class. As life science investment becomes more specialised, the number of people with the skills and experience relevant to each area becomes smaller. 

Our retained search and recruitment consultants seek to understand your detailed requirement in order to identify, screen and present the right people for your needs.

Attracting mid-level professionals to your team entails extensive engagement with the broader life science market and showcasing the opportunity within your fund to ambitious professionals in the life science field.

Bringing early career professionals into life science investment requires constantly refreshing market maps and speedy outreach to engage with the best people. 

Our retained recruitment consultants use great recruitment technologies to access people quickly and effectively for entry-level hiring needs.

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