Private Credit is a fast-growing asset class, gaining increasing complexity in its product offerings and requiring a broader outreach to the wider credit market for sourcing experienced people to meet its needs.

Our private credit experts

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Our Expertise

Private credit, retained search and associate recruitment

Our Lead Consultant, Oliver Noye, manages retained search mandates and his team run efficient analyst and associate recruitment. They are experts in this market every day, seeking out high performers and staying up to date with opportunities and developments in the credit markets.

Building your leadership pipeline

The search for a partner or team leader requires diligent mapping and targeted outreach in this developing asset class.   As private credit increases in complexity, the number of people with the skills and experience to build out the platforms diminishes. 

Our retained search and recruitment consultants seek to understand your detailed requirement in order to screen effectively and present the right people for your needs. 

Bringing mid-level professionals into your team requires great outreach to the wider credit market and promoting the opportunity with your fund to ambitious credit professionals.

Bringing early career professionals into private credit requires constantly refreshing market maps and speedy outreach to engage with the best people. 

Our retained recruitment consultants use great recruitment technologies to access people quickly and effectively for entry-level hiring needs.

Client stories

A large American hedge fund sought us out to fill a role in their CLO structuring team

Our private credit team prepared by creating a market map of CLO structurers from associate level through to director. Our team used their map to narrow down the longlist of candidates and get the first shortlist out in three days. The candidate who made it through to the second round showed great commitment even in the face of health challenges. We prioritised their health and wellbeing, encouraging them to wait until they could perform at their best, and the result was an offer they were pleased to accept.
A leading alternative middle market investment manager was seeking a managing director of operations

We produced a 200+ person map with detailed initial slides giving the client access to graphs and more general market data on our findings. This was a search in which the brief constantly changed, meaning we had to expand our reach to the LP and hedge fund credit community. Our team stuck with the process for a full twelve months, and after a carefully managed negotiation between candidate and detail team, the candidate accepted a superb offer.
We found a managing director of operations for a leading alternative middle-market investment manager

Overseen by Oliver Noye, our researchers executed the mandate with detail, precision and volume, producing a detailed map of candidates from appropriate backgrounds. This was a 200+ person map with detailed initial slides giving the client access to graphs and more general market data on our findings. Our team coordinator aided the process for a year, organising interviews for all of the relevant candidates and also keeping them engaged when there was a delay between rounds.

A sovereign wealth fund was seeking a new investment professional

We went out to market with a targeted approach of 20 candidates and were quickly able to produce a shortlist which impressed. In total, we sent across one shortlist, and within two interviews our candidate was given an offer. However, the candidate had concerns about title and compensation that required further discussion. For the month and a half between getting told about the offer and signing the contract, we kept in close contact with the candidate and client, carefully communicating both their concerns and finding a middle ground.

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