"Private equity firms never really stop recruiting, but hiring this year has slowed up a bit," Charlie Hunt told Sarah Butcher at eFinancial Careers in a recent interview. 
The first wave of yearly analyst bonuses has just been paid, and efficient hiring is now on the agenda for private equity companies. Firms continue to give out exploding offers, but at diminished rates. "In the past two years,’ says Charlie, “there weren't enough quality candidates for jobs, but now we're starting to see fewer jobs than a few months ago."

Against the swelling tide of junior bankers willing to interview for private equity jobs, firms are becoming more selective about the analysts they’ll take. Sector-focused bankers appear to be a better catch than generalists, with firms preferring to employ from areas like healthcare and technology in particular.

Fundraisers remain in high demand, but funds are being equally choosy, favouring people who will arrive with prior experience and a book of contacts.

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