Contrary to some expectations, the market for senior hires in DACH is pretty hot.

Your search partner can help navigate these elements, from the very start by identifying the right people and keeping you and them engaged in a challenging process.

The market for senior hires in the DACH region is highly competitive, with a steady demand for experienced investment professionals. 

Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

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The talent pool is limited, and established international funds planning market entry in DACH are increasing demand for senior leadership.

To win the hiring race, companies should focus on promoting their culture as a key differentiator, be in sales mode from the beginning, and be open to flexing certain criteria. Shortlists may be short, so companies must be ready to make decisions quickly. Timing and offer acceptance are crucial, and top performers will likely require a premium to move. Participating in existing open fund schemes can also be enticing. Being well-prepared with contract documents and understanding the appeal of building something new will attract ambitious candidates. 

Overall, the key to success in this competitive market is to be patient, selective, and promote the unique aspects of the company and its culture.

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