Exciting opportunities in the LP & secondaries space

Last month we held a networking event for junior professionals in LP & secondaries. It was fascinating to hear everyone’s perspective on the current market and highly encouraging to see so many talented people in the LP space.

James Ellis, Head of Primaries, Secondaries & Co-Invest has shared his thoughts on the current LP landscape below, and why he thinks now is the perfect time to move into LP & secondaries.

Thriving opportunities

The LP & secondaries space presents an opportune moment for entry, characterised by growth and an abundance of intriguing deals. This sector offers an ideal environment for career advancement, with ample prospects for professionals seeking to carve a niche in the financial landscape. 

The appeal stems not just from the growing market, but also from the array of opportunities it offers, ensuring a rewarding career journey for those ready to dive in.
Navigating flat structures

In this domain, juniors can wield considerable influence within their teams from the outset of their careers. The organisational structures tend to be flat, fostering an environment where juniors are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and demonstrate their capabilities. 

With teams often operating at full tilt, there's a constant demand for fresh perspectives and innovative thinking. Consequently, newcomers find themselves thrust into the thick of things, empowered to make meaningful contributions and shape the trajectory of projects and deals.
Specialised funds and the evolution of LP roles

As the investment landscape evolves, there's a discernible shift towards favouring funds with specialised focuses or niches. This trend not only opens doors to exploring new industries, sectors, and markets but also reshapes the role of LPs, particularly for the emerging generation of professionals. 

Embracing this shift offers an avenue for continuous learning and growth, as practitioners adapt to the demands of a market that increasingly values depth of expertise and nuanced understanding. It's a testament to the dynamic nature of the industry, where adaptability and specialisation emerge as the keys to driving future success.
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