Gail McManus, Managing Director at PER, recently spoke with Private Equity International regarding the rise in demand for data analysts in private markets, and where firms can look for the best talent
While it is true that the demand for technology talent continues to increase, Gail told Private Equity International that LPs are also looking to hire data-savvy talent. “Some of the first organisations that have taken this on board are some of the larger limited partners, or organisations that want to look through the funds they invest in down to the underlying portfolios.”

Gail mentioned that a change we have seen in the market in recent years is where the data and tech professionals sit within an organisation. They can be part of the investment team, the portfolio management team, or the risk management team.

Additionally, Gail noted that firms are moving away from traditional talent pools to look for these skills. “It’s not the traditional investment banks – they will be looking for people from data-heavy organisations, places like Bloomberg. It could be from larger asset managers on the public equities side.”
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