Data science, operations and reporting roles are all in high demand across the industry.

“There are now jobs in PE that never used to exist – the industry has really professionalised,” Charlie Hunt, Director of UK at PER told Private Equity Wire in a recent interview.
In a survey conducted by Private Equity Wire of more than 50 industry stakeholders, over 31% confirmed they are either currently recruiting for, or have recently recruited, staff in the areas of data analytics/science or programming.

The demand for tech professionals reflects hiring trends seen across private markets, “There isn’t a single part of the alternatives industry that hasn’t had a good run, so everyone has been hiring. In the last 20 months, the market has been very buoyant.”

We have seen fund managers turn away from outsourcing to building in-house or hybrid solutions. “In the past seven years, there’s been a switch from outsourcing tech efforts, to now potentially having a whole suite of data experts who help with portfolios analysis, market assessment, due diligence, deal origination and ESG reporting,” said Charlie.

“The bigger funds are becoming massive asset managers and creating new strategies that require entire new teams. As a consequence, they’ve been hoovering up a lot of talent.”
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