Charlie Hunt, Director of UK, is attending the BVCA Annual Gala Dinner 2023
         BVCA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series: Black History Month, Sponsored by PER
         Catch up with Rebecca Liebel and Ashalan Pillay, nominated for the Best ESG Recruiter at the Real Deals ESG Awards 2023
         Attend Debbie's panel at the Women's Private Equity Summit Europe 2023, Sponsored by PER
         Julian Beck and Isabel Stauber are attending the Deal Sourcing 2023 Networking Event
         Oliver Noye is visiting New York for the month of September
         BVCA Next Generation Series: Fairgame, Sponsored by PER
         Our PER Frankfurt team has moved into a brand new office
         Find Harry Gwynne and Gail McManus at the Drawdown Operational Leaders' Summit 2023, Sponsored by PER
         BVCA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series: LGBTQ Reception, Sponsored by PER
         Charlie Hunt is attending the BVCA High Growth 2023 conference
         Gail McManus will be speaking at the Hunt Scanlon Private Equity Conference in London this June
         Oliver Noye, Head of Private Credit, will be in New York
         Catch up with Dean Terry and Harry Gwynne at the Drawdown Awards 2023
         Find Debbie Eidelman & Daniela Braemisch at SuperReturn International
         "PER Harriers" at the Allstars 2023 Charity Football Tournament
         Gail McManus, Managing Director, will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
         The PER UK Investor Relations & Fundraising Professionals Compensation Report
         Charlie Hunt will be at the 19th Annual INSEAD Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference in May
         Meet Kate Goodall and the PER team at the BVCA ESG Conference 2023
         Catch Richard Jones at Oxford Saïd Business School talking to students about private equity jobs
         PER Women's Workshop: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable hosted by Gail McManus
         Find Gail McManus at Judge Business School helping students find private equity jobs
         Evening with PER at Nova private equity event in Frankfurt
         Daniela Braemisch will be speaking at Deutsche Investorenkonferenz 2023
         Meet Lydia Evans at the PEI Infrastructure Investor Global Summit
         Learn about opportunities in Private Equity and Venture Capital at the KEFS Alternatives Investments Conference
         Inspiring Women on International Women's Day with the BVCA
         Catch up with Oliver Noye, our Head of Credit at SuperReturn Private Credit Europe
         Buy Side Networking with London Business School
         PER is sponsoring the BVCA Next Generation Series: F1 Racing
         Our Head of Asia, Linn Cheng, will be speaking at the Women's Private Equity Summit APAC 2023
         Charlie Hunt is attending the Real Deals Mid-Market Conference in London this week
         Meet our Head of ESG, Kate Goodall, at Real Deals & The Drawdowns ESG: Explore, Strategise & Grow
         Rupert Bell will be speaking at the IPEM Cannes 2023
         BVCA | Diversity & Inclusion Series Sponsored by PER
         Real Deals | ESG Awards 2022 Shortlisted for The ESG Consultancy Award
         PER | Online Workshop for Women Entering Private Equity
         GP Bullhound | Investor Allstar Awards 2022
         Private Equity International | Investor Relations, Marketing & Communications Forum
         Markets Group | Private Equity Forum Europe
         Informa Connect | Global Secondaries Summit 2022
         Level 20 | Junior Networking Event at FROG
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         Career Tip - Prepare a compelling CV
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